Lee Joon.
1/5 of Mblaq.
You know the rest.
Every Love Story Is Beautiful, but Ours is My Favorite.
:: [[ Jiyeon ➳ Joon ▪ ▪ ▪ / / / ▪ ▪ ▪ Paintball ]]


⊰ ℑ ⊱ "Oppa, are you really serious? You want to go paintballing? One on one?" Her eyes trailed the camouflage outfits that the other had laid out in front of them, only to sigh helplessly. "Play fair." She spoke and reached down, grabbing the jacket. "Free choice of weapon, but only three…" A small sigh escaped her lips as she continued putting on the equipment, letting herself mutter the rest of the rules. "Hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute! You can’t shoot anyone in the face! Oppa! That’s dangerous!"

He glanced at the other before chuckling, grabbing onto his own outfit and slipping into them. ”Of course I’m serious. A little paintballing can’t hurt, and I know you’re good at playing games.” Joon showed his pearly teeth in a bright smile, only to chuckle as he picked up the vest. “Mhhmmm.” He hummed, listening to her mutter the rules, only to burst into laughter as she reached the last special rule. “Whaaat? Why not?! Just because it’s dangerous, doesn’t mean we can.” He smirked, leaning in and cocking an eyebrow. “Unless… You are scared of course.”




⊰ ℑ ⊱ — / Widens eyes a bit ; "Oh my god— Oppa! The tags! Can you not—"

no srsly let me tap the ass B)



⊰ ℑ ⊱ "Cause the crown belongs to me, you’ll never get it." — / Grins mischievously ;

nah, naaaah. that crown is mine and you know it








what are you doing to my blog you ass, don’t change anything— doNT ADD ANYTHING

⊰ ℑ ⊱ "Okay, I’m done. Hope you like my surprise, oppa~"



we can’t stOP AND WE WONT STOP

⊰ ℑ ⊱ "Make sure you put my password back too."

⊰ ℑ ⊱ — / Watches him spam his face on my blog ; "I’m side eyeing you so hard, Joon."

⊰ ℑ ⊱ "I told you to not touch my password, you— Fine, try guessing yours. It’s 20 characters long."

Jiyeon? Royalty? HAHA, BYE—